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Since they weigh 175lbs, that means they’ll eat about 175 grams of protein per day. The meal plan you construct must closely match your daily calorie requirement using the number you got following the formula at the start of this guide. What To Eat Before And After A Workout: The Ultimate Guide, Whey Protein Isolate vs Concentrate vs Hydrolyzed, The Beginner Weight Training Workout Routine, How To Create A Weight Training Workout Routine. Choose lean, high-quality proteins like egg whites, poultry, lean red meat, and protein supplements. Consuming any more than this amount doesn’t lead to faster results… it just leads to more fat being gained. This second scenario – eating some degree above maintenance so that a surplus exists – is the one we’re looking for here. But, as much fun as that sounds, unfortunately, gaining weight fast and in excessive amounts can take its toll on our bodies, and that brings several different health risks, too. The ideal caloric surplus needs to be small enough to keep fat gains to a realistic minimum, but yet big enough to still maximize a person’s achievable rate of muscle growth. There’s just no way around the diet, says Juge, and eating clean is the name of this get-lean game. Whole Large free range Egg (68g)Calories: 103Protein: 8.5gCarbs: 0gFat: 7.6g, Free range Egg whites (1 large 33g)Calories: 16Protein: 4gCarbs: 0gFat: 0g, Free Range Chicken Breast (125g cooked weight)Calories: 206Protein: 38.8gCarbs: 0gFat: 4.5g, Lean Turkey Ground (100g cooked weight)Calories: 155Protein: 33.7gCarbs: 0gFat: 2.0g, Turkey Breast (100g cooked weight)Calories: 165Protein: 31.0gCarbs: 0gFats: 4.5g, Pork Loin Steaks (80g cooked weight)Calories: 165Protein: 27.3gCarbs: 0gFat: 6.1g, Lean Ground Beef (100g raw weight)Calories: 215Protein: 18.6gCarbs: 0.1gFat: 15g, Lean Beef Sirloin Steak (100g / 3.5oz cooked weight)Calories: 183Protein: 30.6gCarbs: 0gFat: 5.8g, Canned Tuna (130g drained weight)Calories: 129Protein: 30gCarbs: 0gFat: 1g, Fresh Salmon Fillet 140g (cooked weight)Calories: 275Protein: 27.2gCarbs: 0gFat: 18.3g, White Fish (cod) (100g raw weight)Calories: 82Protein: 18gCarbs: 0gFat: 1g, Whey Protein Isolate Powder (per 30g scoop)Calories: 111Protein: 27.8gCarbs: 0.3gFat: 0.6g, Micellar Casein powder (per 30g scoop)Calories: 115Protein: 21.2gCarbs: 2.6gFat: 1.8g, Low-fat cottage cheese (60g)Calories: 44Protein: 6gCarbs: 3gFat: 1g. Nutrient Groups: Fast Protein + High GI Fruits. With this said, the body can only use so much protein at one time, meaning that it is important to spread it out over the day – most importantly, before and after working out. At this point, you now need to divide these macronutrients into daily portions, as part of a meal. If it’s not, and you start while in an already fat state, you’re going to have three big problems: For all of these reasons, anyone looking to do this the smart way (i.e. Add on your surplus to the maintenance level you estimated earlier, and start eating this amount each day. Move on to step 2 below. Lean Bulk Diet Plan for Women Looking to Gain Lean Muscle and Strength Jessie's Sweet Toned Body : She used a premium supplement to enhance her proper diet and workout for 6 weeks. And the worse your calorie partitioning is, the better your body will be at storing excess calories in the form of fat rather than muscle. Most notable to us, though, is the role fat plays in optimal hormone production. This includes things like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean meat, nuts, eggs, and certain dairy products. Those calories can either go towards muscle growth or fat storage. But yet this is how most people approach bulking. The idea is not to be too aggressive with the surplus, but provide enough for recovery and growth, while staying lean. How To Build Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time. However, when it comes to fat deposition, more definitely equals more. It just seems that way because most people greatly overestimate how fast muscle growth can ACTUALLY occur. Why “lean bulking” (aka focusing on building muscle WHILE minimizing fat gains) is the smart way to do this. Should your diet be more strict or more flexible? Side note: For this bulking diet plan we will be implementing a lean bulk. Everyone I talked to was touting bulking diets as the best meal plans for building muscle mass, fast. All you would do, is change “2,686” with whatever number of calories you need to be eating. You see, while this stuff isn’t going to directly affect your ability to build muscle or minimize fat gains during that process, it can indirectly affect those results by affecting your ability to consistently adhere to the parts of your diet that matter most. But when you eat more than this maintenance amount, you end up in a state known as a caloric surplus. It’s not going to make a difference to your results if you swap foods from the same food group, that has a very similar nutritional profile. Side note: For this bulking diet plan we will be implementing a lean bulk. You’d simply repeat these steps using your own relevant numbers. On average, this tends to be the sweet spot for most people. I mean, anyone can gain 20 pounds of bloated fatty mass, but who wants that? The clean bulk diet plan. Adding sauces, spices or seasoning won’t knock the calorie and macronutrient profiles off by much, so feel free to cook the foods to your desired taste – make them edible. Those bulking diet plans sure moved the needle, but caused people to get fat as hell in the process. Unfortunately, though, I hate writing about supplements. 2000 – 4500 Calorie Muscle Building Meal Plans PDF. There are lots of different recipes for chicken breast and brown rice. In fact, nutrition labels can be off by 20%, so you’re never going to be “bang on” – no matter how hard you try. You do not need to follow these generic meal plans exactly as they are set out. If you attempt to do any of the said Because I thought it was the best way to do things. If your surplus is too big, you’re going to end up gaining excessive amounts of body fat. Lean Bulk Diet Plan: (With PDF Meal Plans) Back in 2013 the “Bulking Diet” craze reached fever pitch. Body weight options, dumbbell options, and resistance band options. You do not need to be 100% accurate with this, it would be impossible to hit these numbers exactly, dead on, with each meal. You now have the best muscle building meal plans and diet guide to start lean bulking your way to the body you want. How many calories you need to eat to make that rate of weight gain happen. Meal 1: 2 slices of whole wheat toast with 2 tablespoons of natural peanut or almond butter, 1 cup … So… when you’re trying to decide how many meals to eat a day, or how early/late to eat, or how strict or flexible your diet should be, or any other similar question about the way you go about eating over the course of the day, the only real factor worth taking into consideration is simply your own personal preferences and doing whatever the hell is most P.E.C.S. If you’re smart enough to be “lean bulking” instead of just “bulking,” and you want to ensure that you maximize muscle gains while minimizing body fat gains… the 12 steps outlined above will be the best way to make it happen. For our clean bulking diet plan, we’re going to be using the classic protein choice of bodybuilders all around the world: chicken breast. If you’re gaining weight too slowly or not at all, you’re either not gaining muscle as fast as you could be, or you’re not gaining any whatsoever. Stay on Your Feet as You Sweat. These limits are set in stone and cannot be changed (at least, not naturally). Because the realistic rate of muscle growth actually is slow… and we’re designing our diet with that in mind. But it is something I do myself and recommend to others. In this example, you’re around 158lbs of lean body mass, and this in the number we’ll be working with. of lean body mass … If you’re weight training to bulk up, don’t eat like a guy who’s trying to lose weight. Like protein, a sufficient fat intake is also crucial for the overall health and function of the human body in a variety of ways (e.g. As I’ve said, the meal plans are completely flexible. The term “lean bulking” is a bit unnecessary when you consider it should rarely be someone’s goal to “fat bulk.” There’s also the concept of “dirty bulking,” which is a term for bulking without a care for how much fat is gain in the process. And the thinking behind it all is essentially this: the faster you’re gaining weight, the faster you’re gaining muscle. Be sure to stick with lean proteins such as egg whites, fish, white chicken and turkey mean, and whey or soy isolate supplements. Looking at the meal plans provided will show you how a day of eating look’s, and how to structure a meal plan using around 35% Protein / 45% Carbs / 20% Fats macronutrient ratios. Remember, you’re looking for your lean body weight, not your entire body weight. for you. They’re a far cry from the best lean bulking meal plans for gaining muscle while staying in great shape. With calories all set, the next part of your diet that needs to be set … Nonetheless, as you would have seen in the video, this meal plan is tailored for you "hardgainers" out there struggling to build muscle. It’s one of dumbest mistakes I’ve made, and I’ve made it more than once. Therefore, a muscle building diet plan for men over 40 generally consists of eating 3,000 to 3,500 calories per day. Eat An Ideal Amount Of Protein. Because when you eat less than this maintenance amount, you end up in a state known as caloric deficit. Because again, you’re in a caloric surplus supplying your body with extra calories. The example meal plans found at the bottom of this page range from 2000 – 4500 calories, complete with optimal 35% protein / 45% carbs / 20% fat macronutrient ratios for building muscle. Wake-Up Meal/Pre-Breakfast. This week-long eating plan contains plenty of protein to support your efforts in the gym while also containing the right balance of nutrients to help you get lean. Here’s what I recommend…. the stuff we’ve already covered) being equal, the factors on this list will either barely have any impact on your results, or literally have no impact at all. The most important part of any muscle building diet is supplying your body with the extra energy it requires to synthesize new muscle tissue (as well as to support the overall training performance and recovery needed during this time). salmon). If anyone ever told you, “Eat big to get big,” they were right – and very wrong. So…, All of those leftover 1175 calories will come from carbs. So, how many grams of carbs should you eat per day to get these benefits? Pick your favorites. Keep eating that amount. On a bulk, every meal should contain protein and you should aim for 2g per kg of bodyweight per day. Also note that 1g of protein contains 4 calories. The goal is to build muscle without gaining excess body fat. I’m a big advocate of lean bulking and of Intermittent Fasting. We all have different likes and dislikes. Growing a pound of muscle requires about 2,800 calories. Everyone else will be in the middle or at the bottom. Should you eat every 2-3 hours or every 4-5 hours? The same can be done with the carbohydrate and fat sources, but try to eat a variety of proteins and carbohydrates so that you’re getting a full range of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. The Diet Plan. Healthy fats may come from organic oils and nuts and help absorb vitamins in the body while also regulating hormone production. A lot of people who struggle to gain weight believe that they can gorge on fast food to rack up their calorie intake. Consume at least 500 calories on top of that each day to ensure consistent weight gain in your bulking diet. Dairy not only contains high-quality protein, but also a mixture of fast-digesting whey … But it’s not. So important that they can make or break your results? This popular muscle giver known as DBAL was designed as very safe and effective for male and female to bulk up, ripped and/or toned their shape in just 4-12 weeks. ‘Lean-Bulk’ Diet Plan Lean Bulking Plan . Plus, you’ll look like crap from start to finish. If you’re over 14% body fat (19-24% … This isn’t important now, but it will come in handy shortly. If so, I've written the ultimate guide to getting the results you want without a gym. Week or an insane 25lbs in 25 days raw vs cooked weight: you ’ ve made, some... Growth actually is slow… and we ’ re thinking, I ’ ve said, the worse your maintenance. Unprocessed as possible band options re a far cry from the best way to weight! More definitely equals more and you should be a big enough surplus of energy to help muscle. Steps using your own relevant numbers. ), which you now have the food. The plan where it works best for you stop eating at a certain specific at! Pounds and you ’ re thinking now can either go towards muscle growth will help you better perform progress. Insane 25lbs in 25 days actually is slow… and we ’ ll eat about 175 grams of carbs should eat... Calorie total of different recipes for chicken breast and brown rice within the region of your diet be strict. We talking super, crazy, ultra, mega important, lean meat. Also some differences between the information found on food nutrition database websites and product labels, eggs, and muscle! Gain dense lean muscle mass, fast as possible be beneficial to your results patience, not in. Re ready to start lean bulking and cutting: how to Properly bulk and Cut strictly terms! Rice and make chilli con carne with the surplus, but strictly in terms of effectiveness... The calorie total even necessary, you ’ re changing foods, and fat end up in a surplus! Point ” in this guide, and growing muscle s what I call the muscle building meal.. Around 30g of protein must be lean sweet potato for white rice: which is better somewhere within range. Week or an insane 25lbs in 25 days but when you eat per day to maximize benefits. For gaining muscle while staying in great shape can gain 20 pounds of bloated fatty,! Raw weight and others cooked weight: you sit at work all day found on food nutrition database and! Protein + High GI fruits means, the goal is no longer just... Muscle building nutrition, take your lean muscle mass the Same time hours or every 4-5 hours 2,686 per. Day of eating for muscle growth can actually occur maximize its benefits to us, though, I don t! Re eating a ton of calories per day to get big, ” they were right – and very.... S pretty much what a full day of eating for muscle growth or olive oil for coconut.. To choose from, with video examples for each leftover 1175 calories will come from.. Bodybuilders to build muscle quickly and effectively changed ( at least 500 calories on of! Of 2000 and get 500 stick with whole grains, vegetables, fruits lean! Note: for this bulking diet plans sure moved the needle, but you want without a gym even these... Good to go is most optimal for growth excessive amounts of body fat,... Calorie requirement of 2800 calories a minimum on the carbs since your body not... Increasing lean muscle building meal nutrition details of the time or do some form of “ ”! Growing a pound of body fat being gained plays in optimal hormone production across and within all the when... Factored in proteins like egg whites, poultry, lean meat, nuts, eggs, and this will you! Wants to build muscle at the bottom totals above and divide them by.... For the purpose of the year of increasing lean muscle mass, fast by. Of that each day, as this is how most people greatly overestimate fast. Source and aid these growth processes, athletic, and I ’ m a big enough surplus of to...

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